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2024 Speakers

Anabela Silveira de Oliveira

Anabela Silveira de Oliveira, Speaker at Plant Biology Conferences
Anabela Silveira de Oliveira
Centro Universitario da Regiao da Campanha, Brazil


Anabela Silveira de Oliveira is graduated in Biological Sciences (Full Degree) from the University of the Campanha Region (2001), Master's (2004) and Doctorate (2008) from the Department of Forestry Sciences at the Federal University of Santa Maria and Post-Doctorate (2016) from the Postgraduate Program in Geography at the Federal University of Santa Maria. Pioneers of Ecology Award, 2017. Adjunct professor, researcher at Urcamp. She belongs to the Balduino Rambo Interinstitutional Botany Studies Center at the Federal University of Santa Maria/RS. She was one of the founders of the scientific journal Balduínia and has focused her research on taxonomic botany in grassland ecosystems, mainly in the Pampean biogeographical province. She has published 60 full scientific papers with research group in national and international journals, 5 books, 8 book chapters, 44 abstracts in event proceedings).

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