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Plant Developmental Biology

Plant Developmental Biology

Plant Developmental Biology is the study of how a single zygotic cell develops into a complex multicellular plant. The development of a full embryo from a zygote; seed germination; the elaboration of a mature vegetative plant from the embryo; the generation of flowers, fruits, and seeds; and many of the plant's responses to its environment are all covered under the umbrella of "plant development." The growth and differentiation of cells, tissues, and organs in plants is encircled as plant development. Plant development and growth is a continual process. The plant's growth and development are predominantly postembryonic, with new organs forming throughout its existence. In flowering plants, it includes mechanisms underlying Meristem function throughout growth and development, Cell specification, Differentiation, and Organogenesis.

  • Embryogenesis
  • Cell specification
  • Cell differentiation
  • Organogenesis
  • Root development
  • Shoot development

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