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2024 Speakers

Gulnar Ultanbekova

Gulnar Ultanbekova, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Conferences
Gulnar Ultanbekova
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan


Gulnar Dauletbaevna Ultanbekova earned her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences in 2009 at the Institute of Microbiology and Virology. Following a year of work under the guidance of Dr. A.K. Sadanov, the General Director of the "Scientific and Production Center for Microbiology and Virology," a Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, and Academician, she became the Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2021 in the field of science and technology named after Al-Farabi of the Republic of Kazakhstan for her work on "Development and organization of production of a new domestic original medicinal product, 'Rozeofungin-AS'." Currently, she holds the position of Acting Associate Professor at the Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. The drug was developed based on the original polyene antibiotic rozeofungin, which is produced by an actinomycete strain isolated from Kazakhstan's soil. She has published more than 50 scientific articles, 2 monographs, and holds 7 patents in the Republic of Kazakhstan.