2023 Speakers

Muhammad Arshad Ullah

Muhammad Arshad Ullah, Speaker at Plant Biology Conference 2023
Muhammad Arshad Ullah
Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Pakistan


Dr. Muhammad Arshad Ullah acquired Ph.D. Agronomy degree from University of Kassel, Germany, in 2010. Joined PARC on 31.05.2004 as Senior Scientific Officer Range Land Research Institute and promoted to Principal Scientific Officer on 30. 3. 2012 and currently working as National Coordinator (Range Management and Forestry), NRD, PARC. As National Coordinator, (Range Management and Forestry) organized and run the RM&F department to perform secretarial duties in accordance with Rules of business. Planned, implemented, and coordinated the projects, evaluated the research projects of RM&F disciplines. As Director of Scientific Communication and Publication at NARC updated, maintained and edited the contents of all items of PARC website. Supervised and directed the publishing of Pakistan Journal of Agriculture Research, created and updated of the Digital Archive of PARC Research and Scholarly Work.

During Service in NARC worked in different projects as

  • Adaptation, Indigenization & Evaluation of Household Levels Solar Desalination and Water from Air Technologies(Team Member,  23-10-2013 to30-09 -2015)
  • Soil salinity monitoring under various resource conservation technologies adopted in different agro-ecologies (Co-PI, 2007-2010)
  • Nuclear Techniques Assisted Management of salt- affected Lands and Brackish water in Pakistan (Team Member, 2007-2008)
  • Assessment of productive potential and Utilization of Rangelands and sown Pastures in Pothowar Plateau (PI; 2004-2007)

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