Adel M. Elmaghrabi

Adel M. Elmaghrabi_Speaker for Plant Biotechnology Conferences 2020
Adel M. Elmaghrabi
Biotechnlogy Research Center, Libya
Title : Acclimation of callus to improved salt tolerance at the cellular and molecular levels in Medicago truncatula


Plants are frequently exposed to stressful environmental stimuli, which can have a negative effect on plant growth and development. Salinity is a major abiotic stress that limits plant productivity. Plants respond to salinity by switching on a coordinated set of physiological and molecular responses that can result in acclimation. Medicago truncatula is an important model legume species, thus understanding salt stress responses and acclimation in this species is of both fundamental and applied interest. The aim of this work was to test whether acclimation could enhance NaCl tolerance in calli of M. truncatula. A new protocol is described incorporating multi-step up acclimation over 0–350 mM exogenous NaCl. By the end of the experiment, calli were tolerant to 150 mM and competent for embryogenesis at 100 mM NaCl. Positive and negative linear relationships between Na+ and K+ uptake and exogenous NaCl concentration intercepted at 160 mM suggesting a Na+/K+ homeostasis. Proline level peaked at 100/150 mM whilst highest osmolarity and lowest water content occurred at 250/350 mM NaCl. The concentration of water soluble sugars was positively related to 0–250 mM NaCl whilst callus growth and embryogenesis occurred regardless of endoreduplication. Expression of genes linked to growth (WEE1), in vitro embryogenesis (SERK), salt tolerance (SOS1), proline synthesis (P5CS) and ploidy level (CCS52 and WEE1) peaked at 100/150 mM NaCl. Hence, these genes and various physiological traits except sugar levels, served as useful markers of NaCl tolerance. To our knowledge, this is the first report of a multi-step acclimation conferring tolerance to 150 mM NaCl in leaf-derived calli of M. truncatula.


Prof, Adel Mokhtar Elmaghrabi Head of Plant Biotechnology department at Biotechnlogy Research Center and Director of studies and researchers office at Alhadera University, Tripoli, Libya, I joined research group of plant breeding at Nuclear research center, Tripoli Libya 1991, Then I moved to Biotechnology research Center 2000, and graduated as MS in 2004 from Dijon University, France .I then joined the research group of plant tissue culture at Biotechnology Research Center, Libya (BTRC). After 3 years I joined with Prof, Hilary Rogers group at Cardiff University, UK for PhD Program in 2008. After 5 years I got degree of PhD Then, I came back to the home country and Joined as supervisor of Plant biotechnology croup at Biotechnology Research center. I published more than 30 research articles in some international scientific journal.

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