Andhare Aishwarya Arun

Andhare Aishwarya Arun_Speaker for Plant Biotechnology Conferences 2020
Andhare Aishwarya Arun
Dayanand Science College, India
Title : Pomegranate Bacterial Blight: Abutilon indicum, Prosopis juliflora and Acacia arabica as Antibacterial Agents For Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae


Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae  causes Bacterial blight disease in Pomegranate. Complete range of symptoms of bacterial blight caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae  appear  on various pomegranate plant parts expect roots.The present investigation was initiated to find a suitable alternative to synthetic antibiotics for the management of plant diseases caused by bacteria. The study was aimed to use wild plant species viz., Abutilon indicum, Prosopis juliflora and Acacia arabica as Antibacterial agent against Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae . The aqueous extracts of Abutilon indicum, Prosopis juliflora and Acacia arabica plants has Antibacterial activity against Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae . The antibacterial activity was tested by well diffusion assay, minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC).The maximum activity recorded in P. juliflora (MIC = 1.03 mg ml-1 and MBC = 0.15 mg ml-1) and A. arabica (MIC = 1.00372 mg ml-1 and MBC = 2.58 mg ml-1) against X. axonopodis pv. Punicae, while the lowest activity was recorded by A.indicum (MIC = 0.619 mg ml-1 and MBC = 0.923 mg ml-1 ).  The highest ZOI was shown by P.juliflora while lowest ZOI was shown by A.indicum The results infer that the extracts of Prosopis julifloraand Acacia Arabica are highly sensitive against the Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae . Plant extracts exhibited antibacterial activity with a potential to be used in the management of many plant diseases as an alternative to chemical antibiotics. Further phytochemical analysis is required to identify the bioactive compounds responsible for antibacterial activity.


Ms. Andhare Aishwarya A. is studying for her bachelor’s in Microbiology from Dayanand Science College, Latur under SRT University, Nanded. She has published Eight Research papers in International Journals. She has won more than forty prizes in various competitions. She has published two International Books viz.,“Astonishing Reviews of Nature towards Nature” under LAMBERT academic publishing of Germany and “Natural Pharmaceuticals and Green Microbial Technology” under Apple Academic Press/ CRC Press, Taylor & Francis group, United State, also has written many chapters in International Edited books. She is Editor of 6 journals and reviewer of Heliyon (Elsevier Journal). She had been invited as Speaker of scientific sessions of International Conferences held at developing countries such as India, London, Malaysia and Spain. She has presented papers (Oral/posters) in more than twelve International Conferences and thus, Dayanand Education Society has Awarded her 50,000 Rs Research Funding.

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