Kiared (Ould-Amara) Gh

Kiared (Ould-Amara) G_Speaker for Plant Biology Conferences 2020
Kiared (Ould-Amara) Gh
University of Algiers, Algeria
Title : The aeropalynology of Oran- northwest Algeria (Es-Senia Airport)


A systematic study of the pollen content of the atmosphere in the region of Oran (West of Algeria) was performed using the Cour method for two consecutive years, from April 2004 to April 2006. The device was placed in the meteorological station of the Es-Senia airport (Oran). The mean annual index is 3246 grains, of which 3237 grains are identified (99.7%) those unknown and unidentifiable represent only 0.3%. Pollen harvest of the first year (4230 pollens) is significantly higher than that of the second year (2258 pollens). Grass pollens (69.5%) are significantly more numerous than those of trees (27.9%) and shrubs (2.3%). Pollens identified, listed in descending order, are:Chenopodiaceae - Amaranthaceae (41.4%), Plantago, Olea, spontaneous Poaceae, Lygeum, Cupressaceae, Urticaeae, Total Quercus, Pinus, Total Asteraceae, Eucalyptus, Brassicaceae, Casuarina, Pistacia, Arecaceae, Apiaceae and Rumex (0.6%). Our work shows the pollen spectrum with winter pollination of : Cupressaceae and Arecaceae; a spring pollination of most taxa: Urticaceae, Brassicaceae, Pinus, Lygeum, Plantago, Pistacia, spontaneous Poaceae, Chenopodiaceae/Amaranthaceae, total Asteraceae, total Quercus, Olea and Rumex. Apiaceae and Eucalyptus pollinate in  summer and Casuarina in autumn. This work shows also the relationship between the pollen spectrum and vegetation of the region (autochthonous and allochthonous vegetation).


Ghania Kiared (OuldAmara) is a Teacher-Researcher and Course Manager at the Pharmacognosy Laboratory, Department of Pharmacy, University of Algiers. Algeria. She was appointed as a State Engineer in Agronomy (Botany) at the National Agronomic Institute of El Harrach in Algiers in 1985. Between 1990 and 2002, Ghania was made Head of Practical Teaching at the Pharmacognosy Laboratory, where she trained pharmacists in histology and palynology. Subsequently, in 2002_2006, she was a head of a research project in biotechnology at the Algerian Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment. During 2015, Ghania was awarded a State Doctorate in Agronomic Sciences ; in palynology (aerobiology) at the High National School of Agronomy, El Harrach. Algiers.

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