Bouazza Marouf Khadidja

Bouazza Marouf Khadidja
University of Oran 1, Algeria
Title : Arbuscular mycorrhizas in Algerian coastal sand dunes


A field experiment was carried out in Terga, Algerian costal sand dunes. Five representative plant species mycorrhizal status is determined. AM structures have large and varying rates of root colonization among plant species. Spores density is relatively high, variable and it is affected by soil disturbance and climate. This study reveals a rich AMF diversity in the sandy soil of Terga coastal dunes. Eleven spore morphotypes belonging to four genera (Glomus, Scutellospora, Gigaspora and Acaulospora) are present in the rhizospheric soils with Glomus predominance. The mycorrhizal soil infectivity MSI is important except in R. monosperma soil which is relatively low. The relationship between soil fertility and different mycorrhizal characteristics suggests that A. saligna, L. creticus and P. lentiscus are adapted to Terga local conditions and have the ability to promote mycorrhizal arbuscular symbiosis. Mycorrhizal soil potential management by introducting these species is a very promising approach to rehabilitate Terga ecosystem. They can also be an important source of AM inoculum in semi-arid ecosystems.


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