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Plant and Environment

Plant and Environment

Photosynthesis produces oxygen (O2) and absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, which is one of the most important contributions of plants to the ecosystem. This is the most fundamental process in a plant's life.

Plants are extremely vulnerable to storms, droughts, and floods because they exchange energy and water directly with the environment. Plants are impacted by light, temperature, water, and winds. Young plants (plants in the early stages of development) are particularly vulnerable to these adverse conditions. Plants can alter their environment by releasing water to cool the air around them, burrowing into the soil to make it appropriate for their roots and other creatures like rhizobium or PGPR, or just slowing down the wind.

  • Transpiration
  • Photosynthesis
  • Abiotic stress
Committee Members
Speaker at Plant Biology and Biotechnology 2025 - Mohammad Babadoost

Mohammad Babadoost

University of Illinois, United States
Speaker at Plant Biology and Biotechnology 2025 - Edward Curry Owner

Edward Curry Owner

Curry Farms, United States
Speaker at Plant Biology and Biotechnology 2025 - Mary Cole

Mary Cole

The University of Melbourne, Australia

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