Jiang Jin Zhong

Jiang Jin Zhong_Speaker for Plant Biology Conferences 2020
Jiang Jin Zhong
Guizhou Education university, China
Title : Fermentation process used for tea-seed oil production


Abstract: Tea-seed (Camellia Sinensis) oil was stored in tea seed oil body and tea seed oil body had obviously boundary film?As a result?it was completely possible to separate tea seed oil bodies from tea-seed -water milk?The effective separation of tea seed oil bodies could be realized through the layering phenomenon of tea-seed-water milk by static fermentation. The performance of layering phenomenon of tea-seed-water milk by static fermentation was that after tea-seed-wate milk was fully and naturally fermented at optimal temperature?fermentation broth was naturally separated into three layers: tea seed oil bodies in top layer?tea saponin solution in middle layer?tea seed starch in bottom layer?The purity of tea seed oil in top layer reached 65%? The crude tea seed oil with high quality could be obtained when the purified tea seed oil body was heated? The productivities of crude tea seed oil and starch reached 18-22% and 8-12% respectively through layering phenomenon of tea-seed-water milk by static fermentation?and the pollution and adsorbance of other compositions in tea seed onto tea seed oil were avoided effectively?which simplified the subsequent refining work of crude tea seed oil greatly?

Key words: tea seed; tea seed oil; oil body; fermentation; tea seed starch



Dr. Jiang Jin Zhong studied Plant Biotechnology and Applications at the Beijing Forestry University (China) and graduated as PhD in 2009. He then teaches in Guizhou Education University, and obtained the position of an Professor at the university. He has published more than 80 research articles and has 7 authorized invention patents about tea-seed oil and oil-tea-seed oil.

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