2021 Speakers

Marta Balsells-Llauradó

Speaker at Plant Biology and Biotechnology 2021 - Marta Balsells-Llauradó
Marta Balsells-Llauradó
IRTA, Spain


PhD student Marta Balsells-Llauradó studied Bachelor’s Degree of Biotechnology at the University of Barcelona, Spain (2014). She then studied the Master of Science in Plant Biology and Biotechnology at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain (2015). Since 2016, she joined the Postharvest program at IRTA-Fruitcentre (Lleida, Spain) as a Laboratory Technician, from where she participated in two research articles SCI. Since 2017, she started her PhD thesis at the same institution. She has performed two abroad stays, in Antwerp, Belgium (2014) and Davis, California (2019).