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Plant Pathology and Disease Management

Plant Pathology and Disease Management

Plant pathology is a field that investigates plant diseases and aims to increase plant survival when confronted with poor environmental circumstances and disease-causing parasite microbes. Plant pathology is the study of the biotic and abiotic factors that cause plants to fail to reach their genetic potential, it aims to develop interventions to protect plants, reduce crop losses, and increase food security. When virulent pathogens infect susceptible plants under favorable environmental circumstances, it is called biotic disease. Diseases that are caused by physical or chemical nonliving factors are termed as abiotic diseases.

  • disease cycles
  • disease etiology
  • disease resistance
  • effects of plant diseases on other organisms.
  • pathogenic identification and classification
  • plant disease epidemiology

Plant disease management: Plant diseases disrupt the normal structure and functioning of our agricultural and non-crop plants, potentially lowering their marketability and aesthetic value. Plant disease management reduces the financial and aesthetic damage caused by abiotic and biotic disease. Anticipating the occurrence of disease and treating vulnerable stages in the disease cycle are the cornerstones of plant disease management.

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