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Plant Entomology and Pest Management

Plant Entomology and Pest Management

Entomology is the science of insects and how they interact with humans, the environment, and other living things. All basic studies of beneficial and pest insects linked with agricultural crops and farm animals fall under the umbrella of plant entomology.

One of the most active areas of research in plant entomology is understanding the mortality factors that help regulate insect populations. Insects that may alter the biomass accumulation of perennial grasses used as biofuel feedstocks are also being studied.’

Pests are organisms that harm or obstruct valuable plants in our fields, landscapes, orchards, wildlands, as well as homes and other structures. Pests are organisms that have a negative impact on human or animal health. They can spread disease or simply be a nuisance. Pest management is thus a method of reducing pest population to a manageable level. Chemical, biological, cultural, physical/mechanical, and genetic control methods can be used.

  • Weeds and their Control
  • Plants & Beneficial Insects
  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers

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